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Blue Eyes Cattery is located conveniently in Southern Maryland (St. Mary’s County). We are only 10 minutes from the Pax River Naval Base and 1.5 hours from Washington DC and Annapolis. We are 2 hours south of Baltimore.

Our location is marked on the map above with a red dot. Our zip code is 20686.

- Eco-friendly

We take a unique natural approach to sanitation, ensuring that our cats are never in contact with harmful chemicals. Several common household cleaners and disinfectants are poisonous for cats, so we use only natural and safe cleaners in our cattery. We are earth-friendly and recycle or compost as much as possible. Our major appliances are all energy star certified, and our home is extremely efficient.

+ Cleanliness

We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. Shoes are removed upon entering, hands are washed and sanitized before handling kittens and in between litters, clothing and bedding are washed on sanitary high temp cycle, and surfaces are disinfected regularly with non-toxic natural methods. This all helps keep diseases, fungi, or bacteria out of our home cattery.

+ No Inbreeding

Inbreeding is the mating of related cats. Because of the dangers inbreeding places on a cats health, Blue Eyes Cattery strongly opposes any form of inbreeding, including line breeding! We never mate cats that are related. Inbreeding can cause a variety of physical defects and health problems, including genetic diseases, immune system dysfunction, congenital defects, heart malformation, cleft palate, cryptorchidism, fluctuating asymmetry, low birth weight, neonatal mortality, lower growth rate, and reduced fertility.

+ Indoor Environment

Our cats and kittens are strictly indoor-only pets. If allowed to freely roam the outdoors, cats have an increased risk of injury and disease. Indoor-only cats live longer and happier lives. We provide climbing condos, multiple scratching surfaces, and window perches to give the cats natural stimulation and exercise without the dangers of the outdoors. Our cats are spoiled and live with us as part of our family.

+ Cat Litter

Most commercial cat litter is is loaded with chemicals that can cause serious health problems including asthma, bronchitis, intestinal blockage, respiratory illness, and lung cancer. Cats breathe in the harmful dust when they dig in the litterbox, and they ingest the harmful chemicals when they lick themselves clean. To prevent these problems, we use only natural, biodegradable, clay-free litter. My favorite brands are "Simply Pine" and "Feline Pine Pelleted", which are made from 100% natural pine. I've also toilet trained several of our siamese (they use the human toilet and don't need a litterbox at all). For more details click on "kitten care" in the menu.

+ No Declawing

Blue Eyes Cattery will never declaw any of our cats or kittens. Declawing is serious surgery- an amputation of the last joint of your cat's "toes". It is a painful surgery, with a painful recovery period (cats can't use wheelchairs). Our kittens are trained from an early age to use scratching posts, so they do not claw furniture. There are also alternatives to declawing available, such as "soft paws" adhesive claw covers.

Champion Pedigrees
Blue Eyes Cattery is registered with the CFA, TCA, and ACA cat registry associations (CFA registration #218683, TCA registration #00448, ACA registration #14832). Most kittens qualify for double and/or triple registration. Our queens and studs have all received their champion title through one or more of those registries. We have extensive pedigrees (like a family tree) for each of our breeding cats, which is an important tool for avoiding genetic problems. A pedigree is much more difficult to obtain than registration papers, and sadly most breeders don't have pedigrees for their cats. It is very risky to breed cats without tracking at least 3 generations of their family tree via their pedigree. Our kittens have generations of champion and grand champion ancestors.
Holistic & Grain Free
We use premium all-natural food that is biologically appropriate and grain free. We choose only premium brands such as Earthborn Holistic, Merrick BackCountry, Wellness Core, Bravo, Whole Earth Farms, By Nature, Whole Hearted, Nature's Logic, and Weruva. Please visit our "Kitten Care" page for more details.
Our Home
Clean & Sanitary
We live in an immaculate 8000 square foot home on 15 acres. I uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation to ensure that both the human and feline residents can enjoy a clean and sanitary environment. Our home has no carpeted floors (hardwood and tile floors only) to promote the best animal husbandry practices. Clients find our cattery much cleaner and healthier than others in comparison.